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We offer our services free of charge to help you find the right equipment for your food service needs.


We will schedule a site visit to review with you the latest brochures, spec sheets, dimensions and drawings, utility requirements, budget estimates and performance information for the equipment you are interested in.  Our goal is to offer the best solution to your equipment needs.


We will schedule a live demonstration of the equipment you are interested in, so you can see first hand how the equipment will perform for you and your staff.



We will solicit multiple bids from authorized dealers to save time and maximize your cost savings, so that you receive the equipment you selected.  We coordinate the bid request so that the bidders have the information they need in time to provide an accurate bid for the equipment and services you require.


We will conduct a training meeting on site with your staff so that they know how to properly use and clean your new equipment.  Many products also receive a no charge performance check by authorized service to make sure your new equipment is installed and operating correctly.


Foodservice has changed a great deal over the last 25 years – from menus to equipment to serving techniques!

Today, USDA guidelines and reimbursable ingredients form the basis of menus that accommodate changing nutritional trends and an ever-increasing number of students in K-12 and on college campuses.

To keep up with changing menus, foodservice equipment has evolved as well. Smart-control combi ovens with wifi are an affordable alternative to convection ovens and allow for best cooking practices to retain the nutritional content of food. Retherm ovens allow even small kitchens without ventilation to heat and serve. Microwave steamers replace bulky and maintenance-prone compartment steamers, and a new generation of refrigeration uses R290.

The brands and manufacturers that Stiefel Associates represents answer the need for both technology and simplicity in equipment and serving system design. For ease of operation, we not only represent these innovative solutions, we also provide equipment demonstrations on site, and equipment testing in our centrally-located Lansing culinary kitchen.

Our goal is to provide products that are modern, reliable, and make foodservice easier so you can make every meal amazing, and every student and employee happy!

The Healthcare segment continues to see new innovations and trends as growth remains strong.  Three main trends are in patient experience, expansion to retail service, and wellness and healthy eating initiatives.

Patient Experience—Many hospitals have already progressed to room service, moving away from traylines to hotel-style room service with meals “on demand” with more choices.  Senior living facilities are also innovating with casual café’s, and retail with grab-and-go options.

Retail—In hospitals which offer both retail and patient meals, retail sales can account for 60% of sales. C-stores and coffee shops or kiosks, are now often part of the operation.

Wellness- Menus have expanded with healthy made-to-order items, plant based and healthy culture-crossing cuisines, workshops on healthy cooking techniques, meals-in-a-box for staff, and newer buildings built to WELL Building Certification.

The manufacturers Stiefel Associates represent seek to fill equipment needs within these trends toward healthier eating, retail options, and patient experience.

As we move into the 3rd decade of the century, fine dining is moving toward the “art of dining”, or perhaps even fine dining as “theater”.  On the food side we anticipate the continued development of plant-based food alternatives to meat and dairy, with accompanying adjusting cooking methods for products based on soy, peas, cashews, almonds, and other products. The interest in CBD oil will see new experimentation using this oil in food and drinks. There will be continued push for local foods, foods with a story. These foods may be from a local family/owner, direct delivery from a nearby artisan, or even regenerative organic certified farms.  Cooking equipment which is both smart and efficient will accompany the dining trends, along with equipment designed for dining as theater.

Chain growth continues to look positive, especially with the pizza sector, with forecasts for 2023 projecting a 10% growth in North America, Africa, Russia, and Australia since 2018.  Latin America, China, and the Asia Pacific are looking at close to 20% growth in this time frame.   Quality ingredients, technology, and youth culture are key aspects to this growth. Plant-based food offerings, and online ordering will continue to expand, as successful chains grow with targeting marketing, quality food, community participation, and consistent but accommodating service.  Stiefel Associates has extensive experience assisting chains with equipment to keep them on the leading edge of service and growth.

By the end of 2024, we expect the decade long growth in this market will have expanded to capture 4% more of all food sales, amongst total growing food sales of 38% in this ten-year period.  With mobile consumers wanting “on-the-go” and “no waiting” food solutions, customers are seeking out fuel stations that offer more the gasoline, chips, and soda.

Stiefel Associates represents several key items common in C-stores, including microwave and hi-speed ovens, to industry—leading water filters for soda and coffee machines.

Dealing with B & I consumer perceptions will continue to challenge B & I operators.  While contemporary serving stations are commonplace, studies show 69% of customers perceive their dining facilities as “traditional” as opposed to trendy. While B & I has distinct advantages in the ability to rotate their menus, they also have challenges competing with delivery services. Consumers hunger for new and exciting cuisine options, whether Spanish, Brazilian, Peruvian, or Chilean, as well as a continued focus on nutrition, will inspire new dishes, herb gardens and other healthy options in dining rooms, with much focus on wellness.  Ventilated ceiling systems, common in Europe, and other seamless ventless systems, along with a continued need to reduce water consumption, are technology trends growing strongly in B & I.

Let us take care of your food service equipment needs! Contact us today.