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Quick-Therm / Cook-n-Hold / Convection Oven


The Cres Cor Quick-Therm / Cook-n-Hold / Convection Oven a.k.a. RO 151 series cabinets maximize the space for a multi-function oven that can fit 20 full sized sheet pans. This cabinet, due to low temperature cooking, requires no hood or drain to function, meaning it can go anywhere in a facility and create rapid results.

Watch the demo videos below to learn more!

Touch-Free HID - SmoothStream™ Water Dispensing


All HID Ice & Water Dispenser models now feature SmoothStream™ water dispensing technology, which reduces splashing to keep the machine and surrounding areas clean. For more information please visit:



Discover the reasons why successful chefs choose Unox as a faithful mate in the kitchen. View the videos below!

Panasonic Sonic Steamer

from Panasonic 

This Commercial Microwave Oven by Panasonic is ideal for heavy volume steaming and microwave applications in restaurants, banquets, supermarkets, delicatessens, school food service, health care and institutional catering.

Prodigy Plus Nugget or Flaker Ice Machine


With advanced self-diagnostic Prodigy Plus® technology, Scotsman’s nugget ice machines deliver increased reliability and efficiency, using up to 40% less water and 15% less energy than cube ice machines.

Check out the videos below on How to Clean a Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget or Flaker Ice Machine, and How to Grease the Bearing on a Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget or Flaker Ice Machine

UVGI-SA UVGI Stand-alone Mobile Filtration Unit

Application — Made to Move

The UVGI Stand-alone Mobile Filter Unit is suited where a permanent installation is impractical and can be moved to any area requiring Germicidal Irradiation.

Features & Benefits

  • Recirculates back into space
  • Portable
  • 120/1 Cord & Plug
  • Runs 24/7
  • Air Flow Capacity – Up to 1000 cfm
  • UVGI Properties – 99% Reduction in Virus/Bacteria, 2-150uW/cm2 UVC lamps
  • Filter – Merv 13 Air Filter

View Full Product Specs (PDF)

UVGI Stand-alone Mobile Filtration Unit

HID ice/water dispenser


Maximum Reliability — ZERO Physical Contact

Whether it’s providing patient care in the healthcare environment or serving staff and visitors in breakrooms, office suites and other settings, a reliable dispenser helps get the job done. In fact, it can contribute to better efficiency and morale, and even comfort and safety.

That’s why the experts at Scotsman created the MeridianSeries, a powerful new lineup of ice and water dispensers designed with your facility’s unique space, production and installation needs in mind. With the MeridianSeries, you get premium reliability, time-saving serviceability and intuitive cleanability — along with the softest, most satisfying ice form available on the market today.

Scotsman’s Meridian Series also allows for zero physical contact to dispense ice or water. The use of infrared technology senses the start and duration of dispensing, eliminating the need to touch any buttons, levers, lids or ice scoops.

Watch the Features Video Here >

water savings package


Everything you need to operate more efficiently. Salvajor’s patented operator sensor detects the presence or absence of the operator. The Control then adjusts the water flow accordingly, reducing water usage by 80% when the operator is away. In addition, the disposer will power off entirely if the operator does not return to the work area before the adjustable run timer expires.

Two Modes of Operation:

  • Standard On/Off mode
  • Water Saver mode with timed run

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transaction shield


A permanent barrier solution for all business transactions.

Transaction Shield Flyer >

Halton Ventilation Solutions for Ghost Kitchens


Halton’s Adaptive Hood Systems have a high degree of design flexibility to suit virtually any Ghost Kitchen design.

Halton Ventilation Solutions for Ghost Kitchens Flyer >



CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS is the intelligent combi oven able to carry out any type of cooking, in any environment, 24 hours per day and fully loaded. Born to be the best.

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